Respond to enquiries

Handle enquiries effectively

Never miss an enquiry. All messages from all sources in one easy to use enquiry management system.


Handle bookings seamlessly

Handle chalet bookings all year round

Deals with your chalet bookings from initial enquiry to post-trip feedback in one seamless interface.


Track payments & send invoices

Track chalet payments and create invoices

Easy to use finance module for you to control all your chalet company finances and send guest invoices.


Responsive chalet software

Responsive Chalet Management Software

ChaletAgent works on PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Check enquiries and bookings on the go!

Smart chalet management software

ChaletAgent is a web based software application, designed to help you manage your chalet business effectively.

Accessible via laptops, tablets and smartphones, it frees you from your office and allows you to work on the move, wherever you are.

ChaletAgent works while you sleep or play

  • Group leaders can enter important guest information directly into ChaletAgent
  • Guests that are ‘soon to arrive’ are sent welcome emails.
  • Chalet hosts receive detailed information about their next guests.
  • Departing guests are sent requests for feedback.
  • ChaletAgent can publish availability to your web site.

Bookings at your fingertips

Access booking data in seconds, in one easy to use area. Push booking summaries out to staff containing dietary requirements, emergency contact numbers and room configurations for each of your properties.

Store private notes about chalet bookings and offer an extra level of service to your guests. The extra touches are not forgotten.

Never miss a chalet enquiry

All incoming chalet enquiries are handled by ChaletAgent. You can instantly see where the enquiry came from, and sort the important enquiries from the noise, quickly and easily.

Dealt with enquiries are safely archived away for future reference, out of the way of your everyday work flow. You can also view a contact and instantly see all the enquiries that they have made, giving you simple access to all communications.

Easy availability

See at a glance the availability for each of your chalets. Simple icons indicate unusual arrival days, or flag vital information that is still to be collected.

With one click you can view all the details about each chalet booking, transfers, lift passes and guests.

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Add To Home Screen banner for Android users

If you use ChaletAgent on an Android mobile phone or tablet, you will now be prompted to install ChaletAgent to your Home Screen. Choosing to do this will install an icon on your Home Screen giving you instant access to your ChaletAgent account! Additionally, you will...

Exporting Customer Testimonials

We've just launched a new feature that allows you to download a spreadsheet containing all your customer testimonials from the Feedback Agent. To do so, simply go to the Tools & Utilities screen and click "Feedback Export".

Geranium care in the mountains

Geraniums, as we know them, are planted in abundance throughout Alpine mountain villages in the summer. They come in beautiful clashing pinks, purples, reds, oranges and whites and are beautiful. An easy way to brighten up the exterior of your...

What is Génépi? And how to make it

Génépi is actually the name of an Alpine flower that blooms once a year in and around the Savoie region of France. The flower can be picked during the months of July and August. You are likely to have come across the Génépi liqueur after a long mountain lunch because...

New demo and tutorial videos added to YouTube

We've added some video tutorials over on our YouTube channel. There is a general walk-through of the main features of ChaletAgent, plus some short tutorials on how to carry out some essentials tasks.