Agent Ben

Ben Roberts is the main man and software developer. Predominantly a web programmer he worked for the BBC back in the day. He has been living in Peisey-Vallandry for many years now.

Some time ago he and his friends decided that they would be the dream team in running a chalet company; with Ben’s computer expertise he would be the administrator and marketer. To make his job easier he started to develop a programme that could automatically handle enquiries and bookings.

After a few winters, Ben really decided that running a chalet was not for him. Instead he set his sights on developing the chalet software and two years later ChaletAgent was born.

Being administrator of a chalet company and a computer programmer gives Ben a unique perspective on the problems and solutions faced by independent chalet companies.

Chalet software developer, Ben Roberts

Agent Kelly

Kelly Drewett arrived in Peisey-Vallandry to do a winter season five years ago and met Ben.

Ben and Kelly had common interests, as Kelly is a web developer herself and loves the mountains. The basis for their solid partnership.

Kelly is now social media marketer and digital designer for ChaletAgent, along side running her own business Kaydee Web.

Kelly is the one that will be chatting with you on social media and consistently letting you know how great ChaletAgent is!

Kelly Drewett ChaletAgent Marketer

Agent Ant

Agent Ant helps you through the setting up of the ChaletAgent chalet management software with helpful tips and information.

Agent Ant is available on important screens throughout the web application to guide you through.

He is hard working, organised and highly motivated which makes him great at working with you and your chalet team.

Agent Ant - character to help you through chalet management software