Celebrating Easter in the mountains is a great way for people to spend quality time with their family and ski in the spring sunshine. Making your guests feel welcome really counts to getting repeat bookings.

Ask your chalet hosts to decorate the chalet and celebrate Easter with your guests; here are some helpful ideas from ChaletAgent.

Ten simple ideas for celebrating Easter in a chalet

My efforts in creating some of the Easter ideas I’ve written about on this page.

  1. Chocolate egg filled cake
    For afternoon tea why not create a sponge cake in the shape of an egg and fill it with small chocolate eggs? Bake the halves of the ‘egg cakes’ in a muffin tray, then spoon out the middle of each side. Fill with miniature chocolate eggs, and stick the ends together with icing or jam. Cover with icing and decorate with spots. The children will have a surprise when they cut into it!
  2. Make an Easter basket
    Use log baskets, boxes or even plant pots you might find around the chalet. You can use wrapping paper to make boxes look nicer and decorate baskets with flowers and ribbons. Even garden twine looks great and gives a rustic look. Fill with chocolate eggs, stuffed toys, cup cakes and small gifts. You can even make your own chicks, lambs or rabbits from pompom balls.
    Pad your Easter basket out with straw, tissue or shredded paper. Theme them for the children, men, women, groups or couples.
  3. Decorate the bar
    Add Easter bunny ears to the bottles of beers or wine, using paper or cardboard (see my genius effort to the right). Decorate the wine glasses with Easter chicks, lambs, bunnies or colourful patterns using chalk pens.
  4. Make your own bunting
    Bunting can be sewn or made using paper. Draw a triangle shape on card (or you can use rabbit/chick shapes) and use that as a template. Use the template to cut the shape out in material or paper. Evenly space them along bias tape and fold the edge over. Now just pin and sew along the tape. Much easier if you have a sewing machine. If you are using cardboard just punch holes in your bunting shapes and thread string through.
  5. Easter egg hunt
    Create an Easter egg hunt around the chalet and the garden or hot tub area. Make sure you place eggs in a safe place for children to reach and find them. Decorate fire buckets with Easter bunnies or chicks using chalk so that people can fill them with the eggs they find. Grown ups will often join in too.
  6. Decorating eggs
    Hard boil some eggs so they don’t crack in small hands, dry them and put them on the dinner table with some pens. Ask the children to decorate their own. It is a good idea to protect the table with a wipeable place mat.
  7. Jars of colour
    Add Smarties to jars; you can arrange them by colour or make colourful stripes as you fill the jars. Decorate in ribbon or twine and label as gifts for the guests. You could add miniature eggs to jars. Or layer the bottom of the jar with Smarties, adding a chocolate bunny on top.
  8. Flowers
    Simply pick up some spring flowers from the shop next time you do a chalet run. Tulips, daisies, lilies, daffodils, irises, hydrangeas, carnations and gerbera all look beautiful in a vase. You can even mix them up. Flowers always cheer people up. You can even put them inside an old ski boot for a ‘ski-holiday’ effect.
  9. Balloons
    Add polka dots to spring coloured balloons using chalk pens, then tie them in rows to the top of the chalet windows; white on yellow, yellow on white looks great.
  10. Folded napkins
    At breakfast and dinner fold your napkins into Easter bunny shapes. Here is a really good video on YouTube by Better Homes & Gardens.