13 Twitter Tips to Market your Chalet Company

Example: good description, a thank you, an informative post, a relevant retweet and a personal post.

Twitter can be loads of fun, and really interesting especially if you are passionate about a topic. A chalet company might Tweet about snow, living in the mountains, para-gliding, climbing, hiking and biking.

If we aren’t passionate about one of them, then what are we doing in the mountains?

Twitter tips to market your chalet company

Please read the previous post for some advice on social media content; this page contains 13 Twitter tips to market your chalet company;

  1. Use a photo of yourself as your profile image, not your logo. No one wants to interactive with a logo. It is more inviting when people can relate to you as a person.
  2. Put in a good profile description, not just an advertisement for your chalet. This is the first thing people read when deciding whether to follow you. Write what you intend to tweet about. What can people expect from you? Why should they want to follow you?
  3. If someone follows you, follow back. That is Twitter etiquette. If they start to bore you, unfollow them. Their loss for being boring.
  4. Follow your clients – people love it when companies follow them and get involved. They are much more likely to remember you.
  5. If people aren’t tweeting or are tweeting rubbish don’t be afraid to unfollow. Your Twitter feed should interest you and make you want to go on and connect. If it gets too jumbled you will start to hate it.
  6. Retweet when you find a tweet interesting and relevant to your audience, but make sure links work and the content is useful.
  7. If you are retweeted or mentioned SAY THANKS. It is rude to ignore people that share your content, if you say thanks they may do it again.
  8. Share your own, original content. Add a good description with correct spelling and one or two hash-tags are enough!
  9. Have fun! Talk to people, reply to people, do some searches on your subject “Ski Val D’Isère” and get involved!
  10. Be there, every few hours if not more, replying back so that people know you are ‘live’ and not a robot. Add photos from your ski day and reply to messages. It’s easy on a chair lift with a smart phone.
  11. Stick at it, every day. It is slow at first and you don’t seem to get anywhere, feeling like you are talking to yourself. Your followers will eventually go up. 60 new followers a month means 720 people looking at your tweets each year.
  12. Get your staff involved. If you trust your staff this is a great way to get more followers. Do they have personal accounts? Can they mention you and retweet your tweets? They could even tweet on your behalf from time to time, but make sure people know who is tweeting. They could sign the tweet with their initials.
  13. Don’t stop in the inter-season. Everything might calm down, you are not thinking about snow, you are off in your campervan somewhere. But life doesn’t stop and people are still looking for snow holidays.

Hope that helps!  Thanks for reading my tips to market your chalet on Twitter.