ChaletAgent offers a wide selection of integrated features, helping you manage your chalet bookings from start to finish.

This is chalet booking software specifically designed for chalet companies.

The Dashboard

The ChaletAgent Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to the system. It offers an instant overview of the state of your bookings and enquiries.

See at a glance enquiries that need responding to, bookings that have payments due, or airport transfers that need to be booked. Click though any item to immediately deal with what is most important to you.

Dashboard within ChaletAgent chalet software

Enquiries module within ChaletAgent chalet software

Enquiry Agent

Enquiry messages come from a variety of sources, in a variety of formats. The Enquiry Agent centralises everything in one inbox with features specifically designed for dealing with enquiries.

Assign a status for a message with one click. Reply to a message, choosing from a selection of stock text snippets to save you typing the same thing over and over again.

Booking Agent

Manage all the information, for all of your bookings. Using either the Availability Table or the Bookings List, get a quick overview of the state of bookings in all your properties for a given season.

Then quickly bring up all information about a booking in one easy to use interface.

The bookings screen within ChaletAgent management software

Chalet finance management module, within ChaletAgent

Finance Agent

ChaletAgent takes the pain out of your business accounting. Manage your funds across multiple bank accounts, countries and currencies. Track all expenditure and income quickly and easily.

See at a glance your live cash flow forecast – giving you quick and easy insights to potential future financial problems.


VAT and TVA returns become a simple task – simply choose the date period and export the data required. The same goes for handling your tax on mixed rate bills – for example those containing food and alcohol. Help your accountant by exporting data in a simple to use, consistent format each time. Bring down your accountancy fees and up your efficiency and profit.

Monitor seasonal expenditure on various categories such as chalet food or insurance.

Lift Pass Agent

Pre-define the various lift passes that are available in your resort, and then up-sell them to your guests. Guests can pick and choose the passes that they want and they are attached to the booking record for you to deal with before their arrival.

Lift pass administration for chalet companies

Reporting area on bookings and marketing sources

Reporting Agent

ChaletAgent gives you the power to view your business data from all sorts of angles. All reporting is live and in real time, accessible at any time. Check the performance of each of your properties against each other, or against previous seasons. Look at live figures from the current year and compare with previous years. Keep track of your current total booking income, or the frequency of enquiries week by week.

ChaletAgent allows you to define Booking Sources – these are your various marketing efforts that generate enquiries and hence bookings. Booking Sources also have listings for your properties and admin pages etc – keep track of all of these in one place.

Guest Input Agent

ChaletAgent enables guests to fill in their own booking records.

Reduce emails flying back and forth and simply let the group leader tell you about each guest. Simply send the group leader a link, created in ChaletAgent. These pages will display your own company logo.

The group leader then completes a form for each group member containing their contact details and dietary requirements.

They can submit information about required lift passes and airport transfer details – meaning you can have everything organised before the arrival day.

Airport Transfers Agent

Define relevant airport or train station transfers and up-sell them to guests. Book with local transfer companies directly from ChaletAgent. Take and keep track of your commissions earned each season.

Backup & Security

All data is safely stored on a secure web server in an environment controlled secure data-centre in Manchester. ChaletAgent data is regularly backed on to redundant systems, ensuring you never lose any of your vital business data.

Additionally, you can backup your entire ChaletAgent database at any time to your own computer, allowing you to store backups yourself for added peace of mind.

Import & Export Data

All booking and contact information can be exported from the database at any time, for you to use as you wish in other systems.

Contact lists can be imported from MS Excel spreadsheets to allow you to quickly add your current customer database to ChaletAgent.

Publishing Agent

ChaletAgent can automatically publish all sorts of data to your customer facing web site with the Publishing Agent.

For example, you can automatically publish live and up to date prices and availability directly to your web site without lifting a finger. The same applies to airport transfer prices, lift pass prices, your chalet details and more.

Data can be published to any web site, and for WordPress powered web sites it gets even easier with the ChaletAgent WordPress Plugin.

Read more about publishing to your own web site.