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Geranium care in the mountains

Geraniums, as we know them, are planted in abundance throughout Alpine mountain villages in the summer. They come in beautiful clashing pinks, purples, reds, oranges and whites and are beautiful. An easy way to brighten up the exterior of your chalet for summer...

What is Génépi? And how to make it

Génépi is actually the name of an Alpine flower that blooms once a year in and around the Savoie region of France. The flower can be picked during the months of July and August. You are likely to have come across the Génépi liqueur after a long mountain lunch because...

4 super chalet games for the whole family

It's snowing buckets outside and you would rather be inside the chalet before a big day of skiing ahead. So stay in and create some entertainment for the whole chalet group! Family games can be so much fun; the children are entertained and learning, the group...