How to Market your Chalet Company OnlineTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat… there are so many social media platforms not to mention blogging as well.

What works when marketing a chalet company online?

Who am I to tell you?

By trade I am a web consultant; 16 years in business I help my clients market their companies online.

Blogging and social media should be though of as marketing. These two entities support your website and can help in getting people to walk through the door.

It is time to generate some excitement around your chalet company and shout about your achievements.

How to market your chalet company online

Social media can generate awareness for your business and it’s brand. However social media is not hard sell – hard sell does not work in this age of the internet. If you use social media you are in for the long haul. The aim is to build up trust, build a community and engage.

Choose two platforms that you actually enjoy. Try a couple and find out which you like best. Download the app onto your smartphone or device. That way you can be instantly responsive when people connected with you.

To be interesting on social media you should have your own informative content to share, by way of a blog. Try to write one blog post a week. Set up a calender and note down content ideas for the next 6 months. This will help you when you are feeling uninspired to write anything. Once you start writing a post ideas will flow for the next post.

Writing content does not mean an instant sale or that you will suddenly be inundated with enquiries. It does build your brand. The bigger your site or blog, the more people find you on search engines. When people consistently see your brand they are then more likely to trust you, follow you and eventually make a purchase.

Who should you target and how?

Connect with relevant people, people that mention snow, skiing, snowboarding, mountains, biking or hiking in their biographies or posts. You cannot force people to follow you or like your page. You CAN interact. The way to create traffic is to be active.

Continuously posting prices or offers is really boring, don’t do it. A balance of 80-90% interaction and sharing informative content, 10-20% targeting and advertising will do the trick.

Social media is online networking. Think of it like walking into a room full of potential clients and chatting with them, gaining their trust, sharing experiences, giving them tips and information and, every now and then, telling them how great your chalet company is. If you walked into that room and loudly told people to BOOK NOW and then walked out, you would be quickly forgotten.

What kind of thing should I post about?

Write blog posts relevant to your area, your chalet, sports, restaurants, bars, hire companies. This creates interesting, informative content and increases your klout on the search engines.

Think about what your clients want from you. Write down the questions they ask you on the phone, in emails, when they walk into the chalet every day after skiing.

Take those questions and turn them into blog posts.

  • Is it snowing yet?
  • Where do you book lessons?
  • Where can I hire ski equipment?
  • Do you know which are the best ski boots?
  • Which transfer company do you advise?
  • Do you know of a good restaurant in the area?
  • Is there a local baby sitter for my children?
  • How did you make this blackberry pie?

All of those questions can be answered on your social media feeds, through blog posts, pictures, links and shares.

When you share information involve other companies; tag them and link to their websites. They are then more likely to share your content. Create a “web” of information and links; network online. Be sure to link back to your website or blog frequently.

Be friendly, find a voice

Find your own voice. If you are witty, use it. If you are knowledgeable use that. Have the confidence in your own abilities. You own a chalet company. You are undoubtedly a brilliant host, you probably love speaking to people, are excited to live in the mountains and are passionate about the snow. This can come across in your online marketing. Make people want to read what you post. Believe in your chalet company.

People still seem to think they have to be ultra professional and almost stiff. Relax, think about the needs of your audience and go for it! Are they young and looking for the best nights out? Then a few pictures of the pub will encourage them. Are you targeting families? Maybe they are foodies? Take a photographs when you are in restaurants, having your own experiences. Photograph the outside, photograph the menu, tell your audience how to get there, TAG the restaurant.

When to post to your audience

Take in to account your audience and imagine their daily timetable. If you run a family chalet target parents – maybe mum is seeing your posts early, before breakfast or at lunch time in the office. Maybe dad sees them after doing the school run in the afternoon.

Do a few tests, look at your analytics to see how many views you get and note down the time of day you posted. Try a few others around that time of day. Do remember the time zone differences and have some confidence.

Should I repeat post?

You are marketing your company here. You need to be heard amongst all of the other chalet companies in your area, let alone the mountain range. No one sees every post you send out. Most people will see a post here and there, which is why repeat posting is necessary.

People visit social media sites at different times of day, depending on their jobs, the school run, shift work, age. That’s why you should repeat post. Don’t repeat a post 5 times each day. Do repost after a week. You can also repeat post if you run out of original content or if there is a really popular article that you have written. Just make sure it is relevant.

Good luck!

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